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Strategic Business Constellations

Strategic Business Constellations is a practical approach which enables you to quickly identify hidden dynamics in your organization. Read more 

Systemic Executive Coaching

Systemic Executive Coaching is a solutions oriented approach which enables complex multilayer problems to be solved in a new way. Read more 

Leadership Development

‘Know thyself’ is the old Greek aphorism which is the central tenet of Leadership Development. It all starts with you. Read more  

Who is Barbara Malmström?

Barbara is a leadership consultant based in Helsinki, Finland. An acknowledged expert in the field of systemic coaching, Barbara is also well recognised in the field of leadership development. She is certified by Infosyon as a Professional Facilitator of System Constellations in Organisations (International Forum for System Constellations in Organisations http://infosyon.com/en/infosyon/). Barbara has coached global executives from a diverse range of organizations. She works as a facilitator for teams and individuals.

I am very pleased to strongly recommend Barbara Malmstrom for the work she is doing in revealing hidden dynamics in Organizations and Systems. The method that Barbara is using is the fruit of many years of research in academia and interaction with few successful Business Leaders. I have personally experienced Barbara methodology in few occasions for my organization, and I was amazed by how powerful, fast an deep in the details, Barbara was able to have a reading and insightful recommendations about complex interactions of different “elements” in my organization and business. The scope of her approach, extends far beyond interaction of people within an organization. It applies to “elements”, which can be as diverse as products, groups of people, concepts, future directions, strategic elements and many more untangible elements. This is as such an incredible business tool also appropriate for the creation of business strategies. I was impressed by Barbara capabilities to connect the world of research and the one from business in addition to her impressive ethical skills. This was for me a very unique experience which no doubt will contribute to building a new set of capabilities for Leaders in the future. I wish you can enjoy soon the support of the well structured methodology Barbara created (Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment…) and experience the same benefit I did for my business.
Jean-Francois Baril CEO, Connecting-Partners SA
I began to cooperate with Barbara in the middle of a significant change in my life. Through her system constellation approach I received the information and understanding of my goals and how to take wise steps towards them. Barbara’s method is unbelievable – it is accurate and trustworthy with high ethical standards and a lot of respect. The amazing thing was that the answers I needed came out of the process automatically, Barbara did not give them to me, although she helped me with the interpretation. I also admire Barbara’s beautiful and kind soul; she really made me happy during the sessions – and for long time after!
Suso Kolesnik, Executive Advisor, Mentor and Coach, PlainLily Oy Ltd